Join the many people who are enjoying the experience and benefits of hypnotherapy and take control of your life!


​Turn your new year resolution into reality!




Let's face it, if you could quit on your own, you would have done it by now!

And why sit through a thick Alan Carr book, or spend money on nicotine patches or pills dangerous to your health...


Stella has been practising hypnotheraphy for quit smoking for the last 15 years with amazing success.

It is not only about quitting smoking, it's about altering aspects of your life regarding coping with stress and gaining confidence.

Support material will be provided to ensure you stay on track. 

You will also receive a Free CD for use at home and a Quit Smoking booklet.


Quit Smoking with just one

60 minute session.  Fee is $250


Believe it or not, by reading this page, you are already half way in your quest to quit smoking, as you have taken positive action in doing something about it!

This program is successful because it deals directly with the subconscious mind.  (see Testimonials below)


STOP spending money on killing yourself slowly with cigarettes!!


Don't delay!  One hypnotherapy session will get your health back on track.  You will soon recover the money for the session by not buying cigarettes again!


Also get rid of the Nicorette Addiction (in the form of gum), it is just as harmful to your body and just as addictive.


Quit smoking App also available 

Here is the link: 

Are sessions confidential?

All consultations are confidential and based on a commintment to ethics and standards.

WEIGHT LOSS with Virtual Gastric Banding

You too can be slim and attractive!


You can lose weight, eat healthy and exercise...


This is the place to start - to gain your self esteem.  Stop procrastinating and give us a call.


This is a beautiful Mind/Body/Spirit approach to Self-Improvement.


This program consists of 4 sessions to get you well on your way to a slimmer you, so that you can establish some new healthy habits and feel confident about yourself.


The program includes a specific CD which utilises the latest mind management techniques and listening to the CD is absolutely essential to the success of this program.  You will be provided with a daily food diary and emotional diary.

Throughout the follow up sessions you will receive further handout notes and CDs.


THE VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND program is also excellent counselling for those people who have already had the Gastric Band procedure, re-enforcing all the benefits on a subconscious level and helping you to become your desired shape and size.


Cost is: $150 for the first 90min session and $80 for the 60min follow up sessions.  Sessions are held fortnightly.  (Total is $390 and you can pay as you go - price includes handout notes and CDs.  If you wish to pay upfront it is only $320 a saving of $70)

Here is an explanation of how the Weight Loss Program works:

This program is highly successful!.  By attending  4 sessions of powerful guided visualisations your mind focuses sharply onto your goal, so that you become absolutely determined to succeed.  At this high level of determination, there is a remarkable change on your whole attitude to healthy eating and exercise.  You will be changing your shape and size by eating consciously.


If your choice is to have the "Virtual Gastric Band" Hypnosis, you will imagine tricking the mind into thinking that your stomach is much smaller, thereby eating less and feeling full, faster.


Keep an excited attitude going, as that is just the attitude to have when using hypnosis.  Listen to the CD daily.  Really allow the positive suggestions to affect change in a noticeable way.


It all starts with taking the first step - and every step takes you closer to your goal.


Weight Loss program: $390 - includes CDs, diary and handouts (Virtual Gastric Band process).


If you would like more information, please call or email and we will be happy to answer any queries.  

What's it going to be like?
When do I seek help?

Some people are under the impression that one seeks help only when there is a crisis at hand.  Even in cases where there appears to be no obvious crisis, early and timely intervention can prevent unwelcome developements. 

Furthermore, there are always areas of our lives that can be enhanced with a little professional help, which will maximise our enjoyment of life.

Hypnosis is a natural process that we actually enter at various times of the day and especially at night when we are falling asleep.  There is a point in consciousness known as the alpha state and this is where we are in an altered state of awareness.  We are half awake and half asleep, relaxed and comfortable, safe and secure, aware and not bothered.  It is in this state that hypnotists work to facilitate change using positive suggestions.  The hypnotic state allows your mind to be open to suggestions in order to attain the results that you want.


It is as simple as being transported to the state of hypnosis (often using music to distract the client from the silence of the calmness), then receiving suggestions that determine that you no longer want to smoke before being gently awakened.

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