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All About Me


Melissa Jane Dichiera - Born in Melbourne, Australia, she started her career in music as an extraordinary singer and songwriter.  Her most recognized international success fronting the pop R&B group Les BiJioux in Japan and starring on VH1's Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp Season 2.  Trained in opera, contemporary, blues, gospel, pop and rock, her love of music helped ignite a passion to inspire and then lead her to discover the art of Reiki.  She instantly fell in love with energy healing completing her training to become an Usui Reiki Master.  Melissa now combines her lyricist skills and understanding of sound to provide healing and inspiration, performing what she likes to call Soul Balance Reiki.  In a Soul Balance Reiki session Melissa incorporates her traditional Usui Reiki Master skills with Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy (using musical frequencies to activate vibrations in the human body) and a technique she created called The Life Equation (a tool to help identify key areas that are out of balance with a person physically and/or emotionally and that are creating blockages).  Utilizing all these modalities together in a session enhances the ability to clear the blockages a person might have either emotionally or physically and then enables restoring the balance of health and energy to the individual.   


Melissa has also combined her skills as a performer and producer to create a motivational track that she personally uses as a tool for her own success called “Creating Focus & Balance”.  Melissa’s mission is to bring positive energy and inspiration in everything that she does and she does so at the highest of standards.


Continuing to entertain and inspire she is currently the lead singer of the bands Final Gravity and NoWhereJam which she writes moving and meaningful songs that will speak to your soul.  She is working on releasing albums with both bands by the end of 2022.


Melissa’s light shines bright and she is so happy to be able to use her Light Worker skills in such a positive way to help heal and inspire!

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Melissa Jane Lightning

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